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A Weekend Gathering ... what is that anyway?

With our forthcoming Autumn Gathering in the diary, Alex and I often get asked what exactly happens on a Sustainable Source weekend, so here goes …

With regard to the activities we offer, Alex and I have, through our own experiences, found that part of the magic of this weekend has been in the exploration of the moments we are in, without expectation of what is to come, so we hope you don't mind if we don't give too much away!

That said, we are both very happy to tell you that in addition to a wonderful array of group activities that are sometimes talking based, sometimes more personal and reflective, we bring into the weekend our passions, and work with both creative arts and movement. As a Book Artist, I support people on a gentle, but powerful journey over the weekend. This culminates in you being able to take home a very beautiful handmade personalised item. Alex’s work is with movement and energetics and she offers people the chance to use Family Constellations as a tool to understand our relationship to self care, and if time allows, other issues too. She also works with getting people into their bodies and leads some natural outdoor movement (weather being kind!) It would be a huge oversight were we not to mention, that one of the activities that people give a lot of time to, is discussion about the meals, which being lovingly home made are a real treat!

It is hard to nutshell much of what we do into labelled elements, as we have drawn from many schools of thought and practice on our own journeys through breakdown and recovery. There are elements you may recognise from your own practices, some that may be new. Our weekends, much like life, are evolving, full, and yet, we are told, spacious too. The ‘aha moments’, or moments of unlocking a new insight about ourselves, come sometimes because of the activity, and sometimes from the gaps between. They can also occur at the taste of Pippa’s ( our caterer) pudding, triggering a penny drop moment - we can’t say how it will be for you, its a personal journey we share together.

We would like to end by saying that one of our focuses is to keep group size small, so that we are afforded the luxury of being able to make changes, and tailor the programme as we go to what those present need. This for us models self care in action.

We hope that this goes some way to outlining a weekend gathering … but please do be in touch if you want to know anything else.

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