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"I just want to go and tell everybody that I know to come on this.  If you are in the caring profession, you don't realize just how much of yourself you are continuously giving energy away to."

L.A. Independent Health Professional

"It's been a lovely journey and from my own point of view it would be nice to at least spend a couple more days just going even deeper still.  It is very, very rare for me to say anything like that."

L.M. Local Authority Management

"It's really important that people out there are recognised and appreciated for what they do.  So it would be amazing if you could spread this work to so many more people."

S.Y. Support Worker in Complex Care

Testimonials: Testimonials


"I was blessed to have met and built bonds with such a lovely group of women.   There was a sense of unity and understanding that only us as group could understand.  I learnt a lot about myself and the changes I need to work towards to enhance my work and personal life I can only hope that I get to be invited to another weekend."

S.Y. Support Worker in Complex Care

"To find that place in yourself where you can just come in and look after yourself. That, in two days to have achieved all of that, genuinely, to go away with a whole toolkit of stuff is really commendable."

L.A. Independent Health Practitioner

"The house is beautiful, the food is beautiful ... it is so needed."

N.P. Nurse

"I just felt wrapped up, cosy, loved and valued, all the things that we don't normally feel."

J.H. Support Worker in Complex Care

Testimonials: Testimonials
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