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Thoughts on self-care ...

Just seven weeks until we plan to come together in the stunning Grade II listed Guildhouse situated in the beautifully picturesque Cotswold village of Stanton. Alex and I really wanted you to know that we are still emotionally holding this space for those you might still be considering joining us.

I've been giving plenty of thought to the idea of self-care recently. Following on from a complicated molar extraction and somewhat protracted recovery has focussed my thoughts on the idea and practice of self-care care these past few weeks! This morning, I found myself reading something which really struck a chord. It was around the notion of how giving ourselves what we want and need can be confusing, most especially in the case where we have spent a number of years not knowing that it is okay to take care of ourselves.

Giving ourselves what we want and need ... is a central tenet to the work Alex and I have done over the years in the field of self-advocacy, but where to begin? It begins with you and your own story. In order to get to this space, Alex and I have devised some beautifully nurturing and creative exercises together for our forthcoming weekend in order for you to engage with your story. Amongst others, these will include knowing how you already expend your energetic boundaries and giving insight into what you may need or want to let go of. Additionally, we are going to be creating a bespoke artwork that recognises what brings you joy and nurtures you.

A wise person once told me that 'the only way out is in' and Alex and I passionately believe that this is the way through too, indeed: “Nurtured, nourished people, who love themselves and care for themselves are the delight of the Universe.”

'The Language of Letting Go' Melody Beattie

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