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"From the moment we arrived, it was really, really welcoming.  I felt like I'd known you forever."

 J.H. Support Worker in Complex Care 


What we offer: Welcome


This is a day we have designed for anyone who feels they need some ideas and some creativity to help them to explore and understand themselves, alongside people who will be there to listen and share too.

We know that it is important for people to have others around them who get that life is not always easy.  Realistically, there will always be bumps along the way and contrary to popular belief, this is OK.

At The Human Restoration Project we understand that it can be difficult to rally people around you when you are in most need. We also know that it is often far better, albeit scary, to begin with you.  Therefore we offer a range of activities to support you to connect with your deeper reserves of energy and sense of self. For us to do this well, we invite a maximum of 20 people each time so as to give you space and time to be yourself, in your own way. 

Each day will include:

- a nourishing lunch and tasty refreshments throughout the day. 

- a personal toolkit developed over the course of the day that you can use in your daily life after the course. 

- the chance to practice the tools before you leave.

- a community of people who will support you during the day and beyond. 

-  time and space for you, to be you. 

If you would like to join us for an upcoming event, please get in touch using the  button below to find out more.  

What we offer: About


At the start of each season, we hold residential gatherings that take place in beautiful locations. Over the course of a weekend, you will be treated to wonderful home cooked food, comfy beds and invited to take part in a programme of activities designed to support you to develop and improve your personal wellness and self agency. 

​We invite up to a maximum of 16 people to each gathering so that you get the time and space to really unwind and be you. ​

If you would like to find out more please use the button below and get in touch. 

What we offer: About
Fluffy White Clouds


Do you need a more tailored offering, for a large group, a team, an event that would benefit from self-advocacy and help participants deepen their sense of self?  We would be delighted to come to you in your chosen location and lead you and your group through a programme. This will be co-designed to make sure that we meet your needs. 

If this is something that you feel could benefit you and your group or work place, please do get in touch and let us know what you are looking for. 

What we offer: About


coming soon

What we offer: About


What we offer: About

We offer restorative crafting sessions where you can come along and spend some quiet, contemplative time in a small group of like-minded others creating and crafting beautiful bespoke objects.

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